Utah Chinese New Year Celebration Committee

to promote and celebrate Chinese Culture in Utah

2014 Utah Chinese New Year Celebration
Date & Time: Feb.1, 2014, 7:00-9:00pm
Place: CottonWood High School Auditorium
5715 South 1300 East, Murray, UT 84121

由犹他州十多个华人社团组成的《犹他州华人春节联欢晚会组委会》经讨论、计划在2014年2月1日晚7时至9时在Cottonwood High School (5715 South 1300 East, Murray, UT 84121) 举办春节联欢晚会。本次晚会节目将来自本地各表演个人和团体自愿者。




2014 Utah Chinese New Year Celebration Program Audition Announcement!

    A group of over 10 Utah Chinese communities has started preparing for the 2014 Utah Chinese New Year Celebration. This year, the event will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 7 pm at Cottonwood High School (5715 South 1300 East, Murray, UT 84121).

The Utah Chinese New Year Committee is planning to hold an audition for the program participants. In order to improve the quality of the performance, they would like those who have the courage to go on stage and who are willing to show their talents to go through the audition process.

    The following group or individual talents are needed in the programs: dances, singing, martial arts, magic shows, musical performances, etc. They are also looking for male and female MCs. The application deadline is January 6th, 2014. Please email your audition application to slcchoir@msn.com (Fan Kwan) or le_wan@yahoo.com (Wan Le).

    All Community leaders are also invited to participate a special videography project. Please email your contact to yang2012@yahoo.com (Yang Xiaomei).

    Utah Chinese New Year has been the biggest event held annually by Utah Chinese communities and it attracts thousands of audience members every year. So please come and join us to celebrate this traditional cultural holiday, and make our stage your stage!

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